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Crystal Hefner's Replica Building

Crystal Hefner asked us to create a bespoke gift for her husband Hugh Hefner, and as usual we suggested a selection of ideas and Crystal chose this one. Back in the 1960s Hef had the Palmolive building and renamed it the 'Playboy Building'. We designed this solid metal replica at a size and weight that it could be picked up reasonably easily but yet it still looked impressive when sat on a shelf. We did our research and found images of the building with the 9' tall Playboy logo on the top and made our model to include this detail. The base was designed to incorporate the building name and a gift message. We made the replica in the USA.

I would be pleased to discuss the replicas or models of anything at all that we can create for you.

The Playboy Building as it is today, known as the Palmolive Building
The design for our replica
The finished metal replica with accurately recreated Playboy lettering on top