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Treehouse Concepts

A client asked me to look at his city centre garden with a view to designing a playhouse for them. He also mentioned that he thought the garden was too small but he wanted to see what I could come up with. I had a good look round the garden and I agreed that whilst the garden is a good size for the city, they would lose much of the space they currently enjoy if we added a playhouse. So I started to look in the large borders and around mature trees in the corner and realised that we could go up instead and create a treehouse.

I designed concepts that made the most of the available space. The treehouse would wrap around three existing mature trees. We would predict future tree growth with our detailed design and protect the trees from rubbing and wind movement. Play and lounging areas would be included together with a small study area for the eldest child. I was proposing a slide and swing, a wildlife garden and even a small bridge over a pretend stream. Everything would have a rustic and fantasy look and be smooth and high quality for small children to use. On a practical note there would be easy access for adults for cleaning and sharing the experience and we even included a space for garden toys to be stored behind the treehouse.